<aside> 💬 What are components in Ditto? Components are text items that are synced across projects and stored in the Component Library for your workspace. Edits to the text or meta-data of a component propagate to all of its instances.


A quick 5-minute overview of components in Ditto!

A quick 5-minute overview of components in Ditto!

Some key terms to help you get started:

Creating your first component

To create your first component, click a text item in a project and select "create or attach component" in the edit panel.

This will open a modal where you can name your new component (or attach it to existing components once you have others in the component library!). You can view all of the components in your workspace by clicking the "Components" tab at the top of the webapp.


🔗 Attaching to existing components

To attach a text item to an existing component, select the name of the component in the modal's dropdown. A preview of the component's text will display as a diff from the item's current text.

Once you attach the text to a component, its text will turn into an "instance" of the component. Edits to the text will be synced with all other instances of the component until it is detached.


🪓 Detaching instances from components